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    This is the new and very hard to find Star Trek Voyager, Deep Space 9, Picard Communicator Badge and Pin replica set made by Quantum Mechanix. Legendary among Star Trek fans as the most screen-accurate badges ever produced, these metal badges with magnetic clasps make for the perfect cosplay, or just a fun accessory to salute your favorite starship crew! Using the original hero prop's actual mold, QMX faithfully replicates the screen-used badges to ensure complete and total accuracy. Each badge uses strong, short-field magnets that are embedded in the badge itself and within a glossy backplate, so no more pinholes required! Long out of stock, QMX is now re-releasing these Voyager crew badges to fans around the world who may have missed out, but this time, included is a Voyager lapel pin! The accompanying pin features the Voyager badge insignia in high quality enamel with a butterfly clasp on the back. Wear your Voyager lapel pin when a full communicator badge is just a little too much, or proudly display it as part of your pin collection.