Limited Edition and Vintage Products

Limited Edition: Products that were manufactured in known and limited release quantities, and are guaranteed by the manufacturer not to be re-released in the same form and packaging again, are considered "Limited Edition". In many cases, but not all, Limited Edition products are uniquely numbered and include a certificate of authenticity. Please read the product descriptions for the exact terms of each Limited Edition product.

Vintage: Products that were manufactured 20+ years ago from the current date are considered vintage. Vintage products are sold "AS IS" and may only be returned in the same condition in which they were purchased. Due to the length of time they have been out of production, replacement parts and/or replacement decal sheets may not be available and therefore, there are no guarantees as to the content of sealed kits. In many cases, we have more than one of each vintage item in stock. However, due to the fact that packaging conditions vary, we only list one at a time so that the pictures and descriptions exactly match the item for sale. If you are interested in more than one of the same vintage item, please contact us on our Contact Page and we can prepare a quote to fit your needs.