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    This is the new and very hard to find Pirates of the Carribean Dead Men Tell No Tales Master Craft Series Black Pearl light-up replica statue by Beast Kingdom. Beast Kingdom's Master Craft Series introduces the limited production 1:144 scale Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, whose masterful craftsmanship includes every detail. The Black Pearl Statue contains over 100 small parts and measures 14-inches (36cm) tall x 13-inches (33cm) long. The skillful application of paint is shown through the aging of the hull and patching on the sails, adding layers and bringing them to life. The cabin of the ship contains lighting, including 3 old fashioned lanterns at the stern. When connected to electricity, these lamps lend the ship an eerie glow as if it were floating on the sea. The display base is made of great waves and spray, lifting the speedy Black Pearl high on its journey, completely capturing her time breaking waves with Captain Jack. Each Beast Kingdom Black Pearl sculpture comes with a stainless steel nameplate and a limited production serial number, adding a unique value to your collection! New in a manufacturer sealed box.

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