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    This is the new and very hard to find Alien Resurrection The Betty Die-Cast Vehicle by Eaglemoss Publications. Alien Resurrection Betty ship is a Hawker Systems Mantis-class resupply starship, the "Betty" bore nose art featuring the famous 20th-century actress Betty Grable. Captain Elgyn used the ship to kidnap living hosts for the USM's alien cloning projects – until he was killed by a Xenomorph, and Ellen Ripley took the helm. An extremely dated vessel that required constant repair and maintenance, the Betty had a small crew of less than a dozen. Its design was inspired by the look of industrial equipment such as jackhammers and forklift trucks, as well as the Power Loader from Aliens. This highly detailed replica is 7-inches (18cm) long and 7-inches (18cm) wide. Comes new in manufacturer sealed box.